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vip bus

More than 20 bus companies offer hundreds of services all over the country, , fares are usually same , , departures are frequent. Most buses are comfortable, with your own cushioned seat and, except on very short trips, standing is not allowed Do not misunderstand the names of the destinations on a bus with your destination. It’s normal for a bus travelling between, Khorramabad and Ahvaz, to have ‘Tehran–İstanbul’ written on the front or side in English. Costs Normal (not VIP) buses usually cost a bit more than half what a Volvo costs.VIP buses are usually double the price, but still the rates are very comfortable. Bus Most Iranian towns and cities have local bus services. Because local buses are often occupied and can be difficult to use unless you know exactly where you’re going, most travelers use the omnipresent shared and private taxis instead. Bus numbers and destinations are usually only marked in Farsi, so you need to do a lot of asking. Most people will be happy to help. Tickets must be bought at little booths along main streets, or at local bus terminals, before you get on the bus. You must give your ticket to the driver either before you get on or after you get off, depending on the local system.



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