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Do You want to Explore new places ?

what have you thaught about Iran ?

Now that the negotitation has been over and Iran had

new deal with World , Many more are coming to Iran

and every body wonder ..... but luckily you are

going to be one of the explorers...


Iran Facts and Tips

Women clothing limitations

Women have to cover their body and their hair in public .According to the law, only the face and the hands of women can be visible, therefore it is best to wear a headscarf to cover the hair and a coat or Manteo to cover the body. The color of the scarf and the clothing does not matter, and one is free to wear any color. It is not necessary to wear a chador unless one wants to visit a holy mosque or shrine. Wherever the chador is a must, one will be given a chador. The women should not make themselves up too much, but making up is not forbidden. It is allowed to wear sunglasses.

Men clothing limitations

Everybody has to obey the Islamic clothing rules in Iran. the body of the men should be fully covered. Only hands, the neck, and the head may be visible. Short trousers are strictly prohibited. It is recommended to wear shirts with short sleeves rather than T-shirts. is not forbidden to wear a tie.

Alcoholic beverage

According to Islam, it is forbidden to enjoy alcohol at all, no matter in what form. It is forbidden to have alcoholic food or beverage, to trade with alcohol, and to serve alcohol.Entering Iran, bringing alcohol is forbidden. It is possible to get non-alcoholic beverages almost all over the country.

Drinking water from the tap

The water is drinkable, but it may contain too many minerals. It is recommended to have mineral water.

The Iranian currency

The Iranian official currency is Rial. Rials are available in coins ( 500,1000,2000,5000, and 250 Rls.) and notes (10000, 20000, 50000 and 100.000 Rls.). Coins are only marked in Persian script and numerals, but one side of the notes is printed in English.

Exchange money

It is possible to exchange money already at the airport, no matter at what time; but only special banks do exchange money. There are also exchange shops available in most big cities. The exchange rates of these shops are usually higher than the official rate. The following currencies can be easily exchanged at any Exchange Shop: US Dollars, German Marks, British Pounds, French Franken, and Japanese Jen.

Pay by a credit card

No , in Iran they don’t have the system of Credit cards, only the airlines will accept to purchase tickets.

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