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Espar Valley and Gahar Lake  (Excursion in Vally)

Day 1

Departure from Dorud


Hiking to Aznad Waterfall


Lunch and stay some hour in Aznad


Continue the way to Ashkaft Bahman


Overnight in Camps


Day 2

Return from Aspar Valley


Continue to Oshtoran (protected area)


Visiting the area


Continue to Gahar lake


Visiting the area and return to Camps


Day 3



Visiting the Gahar Lake and surrounding


Overnight in Camps


Day 4

Return to Dorud Area



The total price per person: 245 $ for Espar Vally

The total price per person: 245 $ for Gahar Lake

Tour Includes:

-          Camping and other equipments

-          Professional Tour Guide