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"Iran tour packages" Considering dozens of tourist attractions; trip to Iran is an interesting adventure which is going to give you a pleasure time during your stay in Iran. Iran tour packages include:

Chabahar beaches:
Chabahar coasts provide the choices for water adventures such as windsurfing, diving and underwater excursions.
A four-hour drive from Tehran, the Caspian is the world’s biggest lake which connects Iran to the Russia and turkey and

it include different underwater species. it is famous for a kind of fish called MahiSefid.
Kish island beach Tourist can benefit from the Kish beach all over the year. The coralrif beach of the Kish is an amazing place for scuba diving.
Qeshm Island and beaches
Qeshm is the largest island in the Persian Gulf, with rocky coastlines that protects a mountainous. Qeshm Island is free duty zone.

2.Mainmast Caravanserais
The complex of MIANDASHT CARAVANSERAI is located on the Silk Road, Its buildings has been modifies as a tourist complex includes hotels and cultural centers.

3.Caves of Iran
Alisadr,Iran unique water cave in hamedan
The world's largest water cave, Iran's Ali-Sadr,that attracts many visitors every year.
Katalekhor cave
KatalehKhor Cave is located in 165 km southwest of Zanjan.
Roodafashan cave
This cave is located in Rood AfshanVillage of theDamavandTownship In the central Alborz Mountains. Inside the cave is covered by limestone hanging from the ceiling.

4.Churches and Mosques
Iran tour package Vankcathedral,Isfahan
Built in the Jolfa District of Isfahan,VanK Cathedral is the most famous churches among the magnificent churches of the area.
The Armenian monastic Ensembles
The Armenian Monastic in northeastern Iran was a main center for the Armenian culture into Azerbaijan and Persia. The site includes three monastic ensembles, with the oldest dating back to the 7th century.
Yazd Grand Mosque
The Grand Mosque of Yazd province is one of the most beautiful historical monuments and unique tourist attractions in central Iran.
JameMosque which dates back to the 14th century, is located in the heart of Yazd city, History says the original building was a Zoroastrian fire temple in the Sassanid era that was converted into a mosque during the Seljuk times.
The mosque is crowned with a magnificent dome decorated with turquoise and white geometric tiles and has a pair of minarets considered to be the highest in all Iran.
Vakil Mosque is situated west of Vakil Bazaar in Shiraz. It was built in during Zand Dynasty
Goharshad Mosque in Mashhad located in southern part of Imam Reza's (AS) holy shrine, is the oldest mosque of the city, dating back to the 15th century C.E.

Lake Urmia
Urmia Lake has been designated as an international park by the United Nations. The lake is in the north of Iran.
Valasht Lake
Valasht Lake with above the Caspian Sea is located about 30 kilometers northeast of Kelardasht Village in Northern Province of Mazandaran.

Iran tour package Dalfard waterfall
Dalfard is one of the major country side for the citizens of jiroft in the Kerman of Iran.YELLAGH , is the place where people of the north would spend their time during summers. Dalfard is a great place for mountain climbers, nature lovers, hunters, archeologists and historians.
Kaboud-val waterfall is a waterfall in golestan province of Iran. It is near the Aliabad –e katoul city about 3 kilometers to the south.
Kaboud-val is the largest full-moss waterfall in Iran and. Its height is about six meters and its water is cold.
Margoon Waterfall
Margoon Waterfall is located in the Fars province of Iran near the city of sepidan. Its name in Persian means "snake like".
Laton waterfall
Laton Waterfall is located in the Astara city near the north of Iran.

7.Desert of Iran
Dashte Kavir
Dasht-e Kavir also known as” Kavir-e Namak”or the Great Salt Desert is a large desert lying in the middle of the Iran’ center  It is about 800 kilometers long and 320 kilometers wide .
Dashtee lut
Dasht-e Lut known as the Lut Desert, is a large salt desert in southeastern Kerman Iran and is the world’s 25th largest desert.the temperatures has been measured as high as 70.7°C , and it is one of the diest places in the world.
It is one of the ancient deserts of Isfahan province. It was once composed of two separate cities, Aran and Bidgol.
The Maranjab Desert is also close to the city of Kashan.

 These were some lists of the Iran tour packages which would give you an abstract concept about Iran.


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