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Iran Festivals and events

Nowruz: 2 weeks commencing from 21st march


It starts on the first day of spring (also the first day of the Iranian Calendar year), 21 March, in that 12 days as a sign of the past 12 months, all Iranian families gather around. It is also the best time to re-experience the feeling of mehr (pure love). There are many other things Iranians do for nowruz including khanetekani (cleaning the house) and haji firooz, where a person who make his face black and wears a red dress, walks around the streets and entertains people by singing a special song:
•    Haft Sin tablecloth: haftsin came from jamshid because he destroyed the evil that made pars lands weak so in first day of Iranian calendar people called it nowruz and they put 7 different things on their table as a sign of thanking nature for giving humans all they need. Since then every year Iranians put haftsin on their tables, but nowadays they put 7 things that start with letter ‘’s’’.

•    Jashnesadeh: A winter feast to honor fire and to "defeat the forces of darkness, frost and cold" in which people gather around and build a fire so that they can receive good things from the fire and give the fire their flaws. This festival take place in the city of yazd.


•    Shabechelle(yalda): The turning point. End of the longest night (darkness) of the year, and beginning of growing of the days (Lights). A celebration of Good over Evil. Also known as shabe-e yalda.  They eat special nuts for that night.

Charshanbeh souri

•    Charshanbeh souri: Festival of Fire, last Tuesday night in the Iranian Calendar year. It marks the importance of the light over the darkness, arrival of spring.

Tasua and ashoora

Event    Explanation
9 Muharram (1/9)    Tasua    This day is to veneration for the brother of Imam Hussein, Hazrat Abbas.
10 Muharram (1/10)    Ashura'    Shi'a holiday celebrating the martyrdom of Imam Hussein. Devout Shi'a beat themselves with chains and even barbed wire in memory of the martyrdom
11thFebruary, duration 2 days , is the day of establishment of Islamic republic of iran  in 1975

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